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Brand new metrics from your physical store

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In-store App

Employees use Omknee Retail APP to meet customer inquiries or preferences and finalize sales faster. Using Omknee, the sales team can be more efficient and productive.

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Operation Management

Top information and communication ecosystem to manage information flows, about products, stocks, consumption trends and everyday activity within stores, gives the brands an unbeatable ability to scale.

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Activity & Store Analytics

Managing purchasing and stocks, marketing campaigns and human resources in the store chain, it’s easier when collect, analyze and use the most relevant information.

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Omknee Retail

Giving sales teams in the stores the power of having product information, stock availability and customer preferences or trends in the palm their hands.

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Team pack

Managing everyone's objectives, achievements and performance anytime on a dashboard with clear indicators from teams and stores.

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Customer pack

Quickly knowing the individual customer information and their buying behaviours is the key to customize and improve customer service and experience in the store.

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Sales pack

Transform every element of the sales team in a point of sale unit, so they can provide a full and complete assisted buying experience to the customers.

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