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Detailed information on all your items, whether on the shelf or in the storeroom. Recommended products, alternatives and upsell ideas, combined with hot items and promotions allows you to focus and prioritize sales activity. Reduce time spent searching for stock.

How we do it?

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Focus and Sale Products

Omknee displays a list of Focus and Sales/Promo Products so that Stores can easily communicate and prioritise sales activities. Using intuitive tags, the Sales team knows immediately which items to push

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Product information

Allows the Salesperson to efficiently check details and availability for all variants of an item in all stores, and present upset and cross-sell recommendations

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Barcode scan and text search

Allows the Salesperson to efficiently identify a specific item using the product barcode, accessing directly the Product Details, or using a search text to identify potential matches after which the user can select the correct item

Team pack

Giving your team clarity on objectives and achievement is more effective than a simple mandate to maximize profit. Opening up communication channels ensures commitment and improves motivation

How we do it?

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Storewide messaging

Communication is key! Omknee facilitates all communication between Brand and the Sales Team on the ground, keeping all staff up-to-date on events in store, new arrivals and upcoming promotions

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Achievements and Metrics

Sales Staff and Sales Managers need updated information, available immediately, to help them measure progress, prioritise areas for improvement and increase productivity.
Store Dashboards show how well the store is performing against targets, and relevant promotions, while User Dashboards allows a sales team to view individual performance measured against individual & store goals and the critical measures for monthly or quarterly success.

Customer pack

Visualize rich customer profiles to provide personalized, individualized sales. Shape recommendations based on shopping history and preferences. Strengthen the relationship.

How we do it?

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Customer History

A rich history of all dialogues with the customer, their previous purchases, Shopping Cart contents and Wish-List items. Detailed Rewards programme information. Optional flags on critical future events

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A detailed customer profile, driven by internal and external information (Analytics), allows for precise, tailored recommendations. Sales teams have everything they need to give a personalised service to each customer

Sales pack

Combine the best of digital and physical to support your customer from selection through to checkout, never leaving their side

How we do it?

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Shopping Bag

Omnichannel Shopping Cart ensures that each customer has complete flexibility and control over all their selections and purchases. Customers can select online, pay and collect in store, or select in store and receive directly at home.
Sales staff can support and facilitate all sales activities

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Avoid the checkout queue!
Give customers the option to pay and collect from anywhere in store, or pay and deliver to their home address.
Customers want simplicity. Customer want fast. Customer want choice. Omknee helps

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